Climate Futures Fellowship

The Climate Futures Fellowship is a year-long fellowship in collaboration with one of the Center’s partner organizations. Fellows receive payment on a contract basis for work on the project. Recent graduates have the opportunity to send in proposals based on their career goals, and the needs of the Center. The application for the 2019-20 Fellowship is now open. Find the application here. Applications are open until the end of December.

Our fellowship is a completely unique program; allowing you to create the fellowship you have always dreamed of. If you are interested in working in climate action, be it through photography, activism, storytelling, or research, and if you share values with the Anabaptist community, this is the fellowship for you!

The Fellowship is administratively based out of Eastern Mennonite University in Harrisonburg, VA, but the proposed work can be based anywhere. Some suggestions based on the Center’s core partner offices are:

Your proposal can be a project in any number of disciplines, some suggestions are:

  • Research
  • Activism/advocacy
  • Finances/business
  • Storytelling
  • Photojournalism

The only requirements for the proposal are that they fit with the mission of the Center, work in some way with the Anabaptist community, and fit with the current programs that the Center is working with. Proposals will be considered that expand programs or work broadly in innovative solutions. You can apply for the Climate Futures Fellowship as an individual or as a team (two positions are available).

Why should I apply?

If you have a passion for action, and a desire to work for the future of the planet, and your career, there are so many reasons to apply!

  • Flexibility: Create a fellowship based on your career goals and your skills; don’t make your skills fit another position. Flexible, open applications allow you to exercise your creativity.
  • Innovation: Work with an organization that supports work from across the disciplinary spectrum in the Anabaptist community to create innovative climate solutions.
  • Support: With connections throughout the world of climate action, the staff at the Center can offer unparalleled support to your work throughout the duration of the fellowship.

The Climate Fellowship application opens in August for the 2019-20 season. If you are interested in being notified when applications open, please email Daniel Bellerose at

Current Climate Futures Fellows

Harrison Horst and Michaela Mast will be creating a podcast for their Climate Futures Fellowship.

Sarah Longenecker will be creating a website and photojournalism project for her Climate Futures Fellowship.

The 2018-19 Climate Futures Fellows are working on two projects, which work towards a common goal. Harrison Horst and Michaela Mast are graduating seniors from Eastern Mennonite University and will be using the fellowship to continue work on a senior capstone project, by creating two seasons of a podcast they created their senior year, called Shifting Climates. You can find the first episode of their podcast here.

Sarah Longenecker, who was one of the inspirations for their original podcast, will be joining them by creating a photojournalism project, and a website to accompany the podcast. The three fellows will be traveling around the country collecting stories of people who have been affected by climate change and connecting their Anabaptist heritage to the issue. They plan to present the podcast at the MCUSA convention in Kansas City in 2019.